Shipping and Receiving hours:
8:30am-5:00pm Monday-Friday

Process and Capabilities 

The abrasive water jet process works by cutting metal or other materials using a thin stream of highly pressurized water. This stream is directed by a computer numerical controlled (CNC) arm, achieving a precision of 0.005 inches per side. Colorado WaterJet machines feature an actuating head which can control the stream further and achieve a 90 degree edge, called dynamic cutting. Parts cut with water jet technology are ready to be machined with normal processes and lack the difficult heat affected zones that come with other cutting processes, such as plasma or laser.

FLOW Process Comparison Chart

Colorado WaterJet proudly houses a FLOW Mach 4C Water Jet machine, which is capable of 5-axis cutting. Click here to learn more about the Mach 4C. Our 5-axis capabilities are ideal for thick, flat material or applications such as weld prep.

CWJ also houses a FLOW Mach 3B Integrated flying Bridge (IFB) and a FLOW A-series waterjet. Click here to learn about the FLOW Mach 3B.

Tool Metals
Aluminum Titanium Invar Inconel Zirconium Hastelloy
Mild Stainless Tool High Alloy Hardened P&O
Precious Metals
Copper Bronze Nickel Silver Brass Silicon
Other Materials
Granite Marble Plastics Rubbers Glass Foam

Our operators can cut almost any two dimensional (2D) design, be it a sketch, computer file or dimensioned drawing. The preferred format is a .dxf file coupled with a dimensioned drawing. We can also accept .dwg or .stp files. We can handle prototyping and production runs as needed.