Shipping and Receiving hours:
8:30am-5:00pm Monday-Friday

Design File Specifications 
Our machines use DXF files. If you create the drawing with a CAD program please send DXF. If the file is created in a vector graphics program please send it as AI or EPS. Files must be PC (IBM) format.

CAD files
  • Save as DXF (if using AutoCad; Rev 14 or higher preferred)
  • Create and save drawing at full scale with only features to be cut (no drawing sheet format, no dimensions)(material outline OK)
  • Draw holes that will be tapped at tap drill size.
  • Explode all blocks and symbols.
  • Purge drawing before saving. (In AutoCad: File|Drawing Utilities|Purge)
  • We prefer to create any nesting. We can usually nest parts at 0.1 inch spacing.
  • Provide paper drawing or additional CAD file of part with dimensions and tolerances.
  • Adobe Illustrator Ver 8.0 preferred. Send computer generated artwork as AI or EPS
  • Vector artwork, not raster/bitmap.
  • Convert Text to Outlines
  • Be sure that View|Outline shows all lines as they will be cut.
  • We can also use ScanVec CASmate .scv files
Sketches (faxing or mailing)
  • Use dark, heavy, single lines, or solid filled image.
  • Draw a line with cross lines a specified distance apart "-|---- 5 ----|-". This is necessary because faxes and copy machines will change the image size.
  • Maximum size 8.5" x 11".
Size Limitations
  • File upload is limited to 5 Mb. If you can, compress the file using Winzip (.zip).
  • For CAD files; purge before saving. For AI files; be sure that Artboard is larger than artwork.
  • If you cannot reduce the file size to 5 Mb please call us.
Accepted File Extentions
  • Only .zip, .ai, .eps., .dxf, .scv, .dwg, and .pdf files will be accepted.
  • The quote request form will reject all other file types.
  • If you cannot produce one of the accepted file types please call us.